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Based in Canmore, Alberta and locally owned and operated, JASE Security Services Ltd. 's mission is to provide an unparalleled array of security solutions. With our focus being on the issues of home and business owners, and striving to offer continually more ways to guarantee satisfaction and peace of mind, our expertise is sure to provide the most effective security solutions.

We are always eager and available to discuss your security requirements, as we aim to deliver the perfect service for each client, our rates may vary so that we can customize to your individual needs. Please call or e-mail us for a quote tailored to your specific requests. We are always available at 403.763.7825.

At JASE Security Services our primary focus is your satisfaction and peace of mind.

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Police suggest many opportunistic thieves take advantage of unlocked homes. Even if you are going out for a short time, lock-up your house and windows. Locksmiths can provide advice on appropriate door and window locks, and key all the windows to a single key.
Deter thieves from targeting your house by ensuring a clear line of sight from the street. Cut back trees and bushes that obscure your front door, look into installing movement sensor lights and report broken street lights straight away. Police also suggest making sure your house number is visible for the fastest response if you need to call for help.
A solid core door with a deadlock, for example, is harder to force, grilles and shutters prevent burglars from breaking in through windows, and a peep hole or lockable security screen can help keep burglars out.
Garages and garden sheds are often targets for thieves who can then use your tools or ladders to gain access to the main house . An automatic light, for instance, fitted to the shed or garage can be a useful deterrent, along with keyed locks.
Ask friends to collect your mail and to stop junk mail from building up in your letterbox while you're away from home. A neighbor parking in your driveway can also help signal the house is not unoccupied. Other measures could include internal lights or a radio set on timers and organizing for someone to mow your lawn.
Most people know not to hide keys somewhere about the house but are you also aware that lending your keys to tradespeople and acquaintances can pose a risk? Keys are easily copied and can provide burglars with fast, no-fuss access to your belongings.
Cash and jewelry are most often stolen in a break-in. Installing a small safe in your home is a relatively low cost way to protect those items. The safe can be in the basement, laundry room, crawl space and other not easy to get to.
Break up packaging for expensive new gear before tucking it into the bin or recycling. Also, take a look at your house from the outside. With most thieves looking for cash, even a wallet or iPod left on your hall table can make your home a target. Speaking of valuables, police advise making an inventory of your belongings to have at hand in case of a break-in. Mark your property using an engraver or ultra-violet markers and take photos of precious, one-of-a-kind possessions.
9 "Beware of the dog"
Add another layer of defence to your home with an alarm system or security camera system. A barking dog can provide effective security for your home. Even installing a "Beware of the dog" sign can make thieves pause before targeting your home.
Being tight with your neighbor can help keep your home safe. Neighbors can report suspicious activity at your home and help when you're away, you can return the favor.


24/7 MONITORING We have personnel on hand, 24 hours a day, to deal with your emergencies in a fast and professional manner. With trained, licensed and bonded Patrol Officers to your property quickly, Jase Securtiy Services Ltd. brings professional service to the client 24 hours a day.
2Special Events and Executive Protection Services
JASE Security Ltd. can provide professional and fully licensed Security Officers to keep your even safe, such as a wedding, conferences, car or tradeshow as well as provide personal Security Services. Executive Protections Services can be provided for Individuals by trained, experienced and competent Executive Protection Agents for domestic assignments.
3Bank Alarm Response
JASE Security Services Ltd. Our Security Officers are well trained and experienced Bank Alarm responses. We have a proven track record of providing timely and efficient responses to Bank Alarms and have experience in resolving the situation. JASE Security Services Ltd. always has an Officer on-call so we can readily respond to Bank Alarms as they happen. We currently are providing Bank Alarm Response Services to several banks in both Canmore and Banff.
4Shopping Mall & Retail Security
Shopping Mall & Retail Security
5Healthcare Security
Healthcare Security
6Hotel & Residence Security
Hotel & Residence Security
7Guard Services
For some properties having a stationary Security Officer onsite is the preferred method. Having a licensed Security Officer onsite helps to deter illegal activity from taking place on property and provides a feeling of safety for guests and residents. JASE Security Ltd. Security Officers provide more than just Security Services, we also act as a go between for medical or maintenance issues. Our Security Officers also provide excellent customer service and provide concierge services such as room deliveries, unloading suitcases from vehicles, or snow removal services. Each shift is followed up a detailed written report. JASE Security Ltd. Security Officers are very experienced in providing Construction Site Security. From something as simple as providing nightly gate checks to providing a Stationary Security Officer on the grounds, JASE Security Ltd. can provide a variety of Security Services for construction sites. Construction sites have unique security needs which evolve as the construction progresses. JASE Security Ltd. Security Officers provide exterior and interior ground patrols, exterior gate checks, construction trailer patrols, ensuring that all equipment and tools are correctly secured and stored for the night. Our Security Services also extend to propane heater safety checks, main water, gas and electrical line security checks. JASE Security Ltd. provides signage to deter any illegal activities.
8Alarm Response
JASE Security Services Ltd. has an excellent track record for our Alarm Responses and provide immediate Police notification to ensure quick and active alerts are taken care of. We are customer proven, reliable, bonded and insured. Fully trained and able to sort out the situation, resolve on our own or notify the customer or business owner when suitable.
9Alarm system installations and alarm monitoring
Contact JASE Security Services Ltd. for a customized quote. We are locally owned and operated and have years of experience.
10Property Patrols
JASE Security Services Ltd. offers exterior and interior patrols of hotels, condos, construction sites, retail stores, office buildings. Mobile patrols prevent security issues from happening. Security presence is a cost effective solution for businesses to prevent damage, vandalism, security breaches and assist in helping to keep their guests and staff safe and comfortable. JASE Security Services Ltd. Security Officers are trained to handle situations such as, noise complaints, vandalism, guests consuming alcohol in restricted locations in a professional and efficient manner so that hotel staff does not have to put themselves in high risk environments. JASE Security Services Ltd. Security Officers arrive onsite with a marked vehicle and professional Security issued uniforms. All patrols are followed up by a detailed written report. Our patrol services can be customized to fit any property. JASE Security Services Ltd. can provide professional and fully licensed Security Officers to keep your even safe, such as a wedding, conferences, car or tradeshow as well as provide personal Security Services. Executive Protections Services can be provided for Individuals by trained, experienced and competent Executive Protection Agents for domestic assignments.

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